Kitchen Steward (Urgent Hiring 2020)

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Kitchen Steward’s Job Responsibilities:

• Ensuring that the kitchen is clean, well maintained and organized at all times.
• Ensuring that the floors are dry and clean at all times.
• Adhering to all sanitation guidelines.
• Assisting the dish washers, line cooks and servers when necessary.
• Collecting and removing trash from all areas of the restaurant, following established procedures.
• Disposing of waste as per the restaurant and authority standards and adhering to recycling guidelines.
• Ensuring waste bin area is kept clean and tidy.
• Carrying out general cleaning as directed. This includes, but not limited to, sweeping, mopping up, washing up, and emptying of rubbish bins and boxes and ensuring placement in the correct containers.
• Properly washing, sanitizing and arranging dishes and utensils.
• Cleaning and sanitizing pots, pans, utensils, and other minor equipment routinely used in the kitchen, following established procedures.
• Cleaning and

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Kitchen Steward (Urgent Hiring Mar 2020)

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We are currently looking for young, dynamic, self motivated Kitchen Stewards to join our resort..

As part of the team, some of the key responsibilities will include:

•Clean food processing facilities, storage rooms, walk in fridge’s, kitchen utensils, immediate corridors and holding areas as well as the operation equipment
•Work in close cooperation with all kitchen and service employees
•Work as per duty schedule and shifts
•Perform all stewarding tasks as per given instructions
•Ensure minimum wastage, breakage and spoilage

Job Requirements:

You should ideally have a vocational training in food & beverage with previous experiences as a Kitchen Steward. Command of English is essential.
The ideal candidate will be a hands-on, hardworking and committed individual with the capability to adapt easily. You will thrive working in a busy environment and stay calm and focused under pressure, have attention to details and should possess following competencies:
• Understanding the job

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Home Improvement Contractor – Service Provider Hiring Guide

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Services, costs and hiring best practices – proven tips for getting great Home Improvement Service

August 2019

When hiring and working with a Home Improvement Contractor, every homeowner needs to know: What services does a Home Improvement Contractor commonly provide? What is the best way to find good prospects? What should I look for when I interview the Home Improvement Contractor? And most importantly, how do I make sure that the Home Improvement Service is done right?

Use the following information to understand your options, make good decisions and get quality work at a fair price.

Home Improvement Contractor – FAQ

Q How do I get good Home Improvement Service work at a fair price?

A First, decide on ALL product / service options. Compile a list of work and quality requirements. Have at least 2 qualified pros complete detailed bids on the work. Use a written contract that ties

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Find & Hire an Interior Designer | Hiring Design Students

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interior designers discuss residential home plans

Looking for an Interior Designer?

Hiring an interior designer helps make your renovation or remodeling beautiful yet functional. These pros can transform a room into an innovative space that works for years to come.

As you begin to look for a designer, make sure that your goals are easily shareable. A clear direction will help ensure that you choose the right one. Below are some tips to help you hire the best designer for your home.

On This Page:

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Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Interior designers update your home based on the project you have in mind. Their work can improve your resale value by confirming that the work meets current building trends. Pros work on residential projects like:

  • complete home redesigns
  • home renovations or remodels
  • apartment or condo updates
  • single room remodels
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