Trump Hospitalized With COVID-19, Others in White House Test Positive

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Illustration for article titled Rona in the White House: Trump Hospitalized With COVID-19 Symptoms Amid Indications Rose Garden Ceremony Was Superspreader Event

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

Since news broke on Friday that President Trump and his first lady Melania have tested positive for COVID-19, the situation with the president seems to have rapidly developed—or at least the administration’s public acknowledgment of the reality of coronavirus.

On Friday night, the White House announced that Trump has been hospitalized at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment of his coronavirus symptoms, which include fatigue, reports The Washington Post.

Before heading off to Walter Reed, Trump posted a short video on Twitter in which he says he “thinks he’s doing very well.” Meanwhile, Trump’s doctor at the White House revealed that he started the president on a suite of drugs aimed at treating the deadly coronavirus.

From WaPo:

Trump, who is 74, began taking a cocktail of drugs as a “precautionary measure,” according to doctor Sean Conley, who provided

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