Artificial Imbecility: Alexa in Your Bathroom

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This idea is dumb enough to sound like it came from Elon Musk, but it didn’t. Companies are making sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets that can be controlled by Alexa, thereby ensuring that we don’t have to endure the barbaric ordeal of turning on the tap water, setting the temperature of our shower, or, God forbid, flushing the toilet (assuming that you do so). Are we really that lazy?

It would seem that some of are, so maybe the idea isn’t that dumb after all. There is a marketing opportunity here and companies are taking advantage of it. A segment of comatose, spoiled Americans are so dependent on their devices that life as we know it would cease to exist if they had to, let’s say, walk to the TV to change reality shows. Consumers want this stuff. 

“Voice command in the bathroom makes sense because most of our tasks

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