Montclair installs ‘Little Free Pantries’ to help the food-insecure

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People come to pick up donated food outside of Office of Concern Food Pantry in Englewood on 06/03/20. The demand on the food pantry has increased more than 100 percent as the pandemic continues. Video by Mitsu Yasukawa.

Driving by, you might assume that cute elevated cabinet in your neighborhood is one of the “Little Free Libraries” that have come to dot suburban streets, where residents help themselves to books others have finished, and donate those they no longer need.

But the neat green case with the glass door on South Fullerton Avenue is Montclair’s first “Little Free Pantry,” a public cupboard of sorts that neighbors stock with food staples for those in need.

Little Free Pantry, whose motto is “Give what you can, take what you need,” is a national grassroots movement to help address the growing problem of food insecurity triggered by the COVID pandemic. 


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