Barry Flanagan in the Kasmin Sculpture Garden

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Kasmin Sculpture Garden presents an exhibition of three large-scale bronze sculptures by Welsh sculptor Barry Flanagan (1941–2009). Representing significant examples of the artist’s later work featuring his signature motif of the hare, the works are situated on the roof of the gallery’s 509 West 27th Street space and on view from The High Line at 28th Street. As New York City parks remain temporarily closed, the exhibition can be enjoyed remotely via the gallery’s digital channels until normal opening hours resume.

In the late 1970s, Flanagan began to distill his decades-long fascination with ontology, movement, and materiality into the figure of the hare. He was fascinated by the animal’s anthropomorphic potential—its ability to magnify a range of expressive attributes and to convey meaning and feeling beyond what he felt was possible in the manifestation of human form. The artist’s immersion in the country pursuits of gamekeeping and poaching, as

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