2020 candidates and virtual campaigning: From Kennedy’s kitchen to Biden’s basement

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“Use the top of your knife,” Boston chef Tiffani Faison gently coached over the video conference screen as the four-term congressman struggled to remove the bird’s backbone, one of the first steps in preparing Faison’s soy- and cola-infused poached chicken.

This is political campaigning in the age of coronavirus — an exercise that requires novel approaches from candidates who are sidelined by the pandemic from face-to-face retail politics and traditional fundraising. They’re confronting the challenge of breaking through the hourly doses of grim news from the outbreak’s front lines.

“While many folks have done parts of this before, nobody has ever had to run an entirely online campaign before,” said Amanda Litman, executive director for Run for Something, which helps progressive under-40 candidates. “We’re all figuring it out together.”

The approaches vary. For instance, Wendy Stolyarov, a Democrat running for city council in Sparks, Nevada, created mutual aid postcards emblazoned
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