Kirk Ferentz Focused on Hawkeyes’ Health Ahead of Football Improvement

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IOWA CITY, Iowa – Kirk Ferentz could spend his time figuring out ways his team could compensate for missing spring practice. Instead, the Iowa football coach is focusing on staff and player safety and wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re not meeting with our guys (about football),” Ferentz said during a Wednesday teleconference. “I think the rule now says we can have two hours a week with them, but I think we can spend those two hours better served other ways.

“I’d rather have guys just staying in touch with each other and working through their academic stuff. Hopefully we’ll have time to get to the football whenever it’s time, but what we would do now wouldn’t substitute for what we’re missing. We’ll worry about that later. That’s my attitude with all this.”

In other words, the life-changing time everyone is experiencing is bigger than sport for Ferentz. Players received

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