Lagom Decor Ideas for a Balanced Home

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You’ve probably heard the word “lagom” trending if you’re interested in decor, but do you know what it means? This Swedish word refers to a balance in life that every person strives for: at work, home, and even with their decor. Principles of lagom decor in particular are about slowing down and taking your time, waiting to find the perfect piece for every space. It’s about finding balance in your decor so that you come home to a space that makes you feel at peace. By using these tips, you can easily achieve a lagom home in no time.

What does lagom mean?

Lagom, a Swedish word pronounced “lah-gom,” has no direct English equivalent, but loosely translates to mean “not too little and not too much” or “everything in moderation.” Lagom principles are about finding a harmonious existence, be it how much you work, how much water you drink, or

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