Man arrested for recording woman in Lakeway bathroom stall

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LAKEWAY, Texas (KXAN) — A man was arrested Wednesday after being accused of recording a woman in a restroom at a Walgreens in Lakeway.

Police were told by the victim that while she was in one of the two stalls in the women’s restroom, she saw a hand with “African-American skin tone” holding a cellular phone under the stall’s adjoining wall, according to an affidavit. Police say she could tell the suspect was wearing black pants and camouflage shoes.

The woman said the phone was being held in a way that was consistent with being recorded and she could even see her own reflection, police say.

Police say they spoke with three Walgreens employees who said they saw a man matching the description leaving the restroom area, leaving the store and walking to a nearby Randall’s.

The police located the suspect, Shaquez Dayshawn Sims, 26, who initially said he was

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