‘Soil Your Undies’: Keepers of Mono Pollinator Garden bury underwear to learn more about soil health

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Volunteers at Mono’s pollinator garden gave new meaning to the term “soiling your undies” this year.

Of course, they didn’t do so in the traditional sense.

Earlier this year, the volunteers at Mono Pollinator Garden decided to celebrate the opening of their gardening season with a “Soil Your Undies” test that has become quite popular in North America.

“It was kind of funny, but it was also educational,” said Jutta Holdenreid, head of the garden maintenance group. “We had done it in the past and just wanted to repeat it.”

The test, with its tongue-in-cheek name, is built on sound biological and scientific principles and involves “planting” cotton underwear in various parts of the garden. The biological breakdown caused by microbes in the soil is expected to cause some degeneration to the cotton fabric.

Those soil microbe levels determine how much the underwear would break down and disappear, which helps

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Learn Rules For Bathroom Design and Code

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No room in the house is as densely packed with services – electricity, water, sewer – as the bathroom. This density can result in a disorganized, inefficient space. At its worst, it can present a danger for the occupants.
Because of this, it pays to know your building code as it relates to bathrooms – before you remodel.

Good design rules are not code and they are not required by law. But designing wisely means having a bathroom you will enjoy using. Plus, a well-designed bathroom gives your home added resale value when it comes time to sell.

Following Code in the Bathroom

The International Residential Code is a model code that was developed by an international standards organization for one- and two-family dwellings. Most municipalities in the United States and Canada have adopted this code.
Some of these jurisdictions maintain the code

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Learn, Garden & Reflect with Cornell Garden-Based Learning

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the “JUST  PLANT IT, NY!” campaign is making free and available to the public resources from the CCE Master Gardener Volunteer program and Cornell Garden-Based Learning program for new vegetable gardeners, with time and access to seeds, soil and a few low-budget tools!

Do you have a college student home from school that needs something to do, or a school aged child going stir crazy?  Put their energy and yours into starting a garden for physical, mental and environmental health with the following resources, and know we are growing through this together!

Beginning Vegetable Gardening Resources [3 pgs]

FAQs Vegetable Gardening [3 pgs]

Factsheet Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting [2 pgs]

Blog Posts – Beginning Vegetable Gardening with Steve Reiners


About Cornell Garden-Based Learning

Our mission is to provide educators with inspiring, research-based gardening resources and professional development to support engaging, empowering, and relevant learning

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