List of county courthouses in Illinois

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Courthouse Image Location Year Comments Adams Adams County Courthouse, Quincy.jpg Quincy
39°56′6″N 91°24′28″W / 39.93500°N 91.40778°W / 39.93500; -91.40778 (Adams County Courthouse) 1950[2]:15 Built to replace a former courthouse destroyed by a tornado[2]:15 Alexander Alexander County Courthouse, Cairo.jpg Cairo
37°0′20″N 89°10′34″W / 37.00556°N 89.17611°W / 37.00556; -89.17611 (Alexander County Courthouse) 1965[3] Modernist building from the 1960s;[2]:16 one of two extant courthouses in Cairo, along with the Old Customhouse.[4]Previous courthouse in Thebes is still standing[5] Bond BondCountyCourthouse GreenvilleIL.jpg Greenville
38°53′33″N 89°24′46″W / 38.89250°N 89.41278°W / 38.89250; -89.41278 (Bond County Courthouse) 1884[2]:19 Bond County’s fourth courthouse[6] Boone Boone County Courthouse, Illinois.jpg Belvidere
42°15′54″N 88°50′42″W / 42.26500°N 88.84500°W / 42.26500; -88.84500 (Boone County Courthouse) 1855[2]:20 Second-oldest Illinois courthouse in continuous use;[2]:
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List of Cultural Properties of the Philippines in Western Visayas

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Cultural Property
wmph identifier Site name Description Province City/municipality Address Coordinates Image PH-06-0001 Kalantiaw Shrine Aklan Batan 11°35′13″N 122°29′43″E / 11.587044°N 122.495326°E / 11.587044; 122.495326 (Kalantiaw Shrine) Upload Photo PH-06-0002 General Leandro Fullon Shrine Antique Hamtic 10°42′02″N 121°58′52″E / 10.700587°N 121.98105°E / 10.700587; 121.98105 (General Leandro Fullon Shrine)
General Leandro Fullon Shrine (Hamtic, PHL).jpg

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PH-06-0003 Anini-y Church Antique Anini-y 10°25′50″N 121°55′32″E / 10.430586°N 121.925474°E / 10.430586; 121.925474 (Anini-y Church)
Anini-y Church.jpg

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PH-06-0004 Old Patnongon Church and Convent Antique Patnongon 10°54′48″N 121°59′34″E / 10.913333°N 121.992778°E / 10.913333; 121.992778 (Old Patnongon Church and Convent)
Patnongon Church.jpg

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PH-06-0005 Leandro Fullon Birthplace Antique Hamtic Upload Photo PH-06-0006 Panay Church Capiz Panay 11°33′21″N 122°47′37″E / 11.555833°N 122.793611°E / 11.555833; 122.793611 (Panay Church)
Panay Church.jpg

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PH-06-0007 Roca Encantada House Guimaras Buenavista 10°44′33″N 122°40′46″E / 10.742611°N 122.679428°E /
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List of House episodes – Wikipedia

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Wikipedia list article

House, also known as House, M.D., is an American medical drama series which premiered on Fox on November 16, 2004. House was created by David Shore. The show follows Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), an irascible, maverick medical genius who heads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey. In a typical episode, the team is presented with an unusual case; the storyline follows the diagnosis of the patient’s illness, a process often complicated by the internal competition and personal foibles of the diagnostic team.[1] The team leader, House, frequently clashes with his boss (Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) [2] in seasons 1 through 7, and Dr. Eric Foreman in season 8), and his only friend, Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard).[1]

In seasons 1 through 3, House’s diagnostic team includes Dr. Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), Dr.

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IKEA Shopping List During Covid: Work Desks and Kitchen Gear

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IKEA reported a drop in annual sales blaming store closures early in the coronavirus pandemic but said consumers have flocked to its stores since lockdowns lifted to buy desks, chairs and kitchens.

About 75% of the furniture retailer’s stores were closed for between seven to 10 weeks because of coronavirus lockdowns. That resulted in visits to IKEA stores falling nearly 16% for its fiscal year, and lower revenue from its restaurants, which typically make up about 5% of sales.

Overall, Ingka Group—the largest IKEA franchisee and operator—on Tuesday reported sales of €35.2 billion, equivalent to $41.5 billion, for the 12 months to Aug. 31, down from €36.7 billion a year earlier. It didn’t disclose profit figures.

Chief Executive Jesper Brodin said in an interview that consumption trends around the world had been similar through the pandemic. Early on, shoppers bought desks, office chairs and cooking equipment. Interest then moved toward

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SJC: Newton home contractor who is Level 3 sex offender does not have to list clients’ addresses

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“The defendant … is not an employee but an independent contractor, and publishing his clients’ addresses as though his clients were his employers would mischaracterize the relationship,” Gants wrote.

The SJC ruling was sought by Francis X. Harding Jr. a self-employed home contractor whom the Sex Offender Registry Board has classified as a Level 3 sex offender, the most likely to reoffend.

According to the SJC, Harding pleaded guilty in 2015 to charges of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 and possession of child pornography and was sentenced to five years of probation among other sanctions in Fall River District Court.

He was required to register as a sex offender and in the years since has listed his Newton home — where he has a workshop — as both his work and home address with the board, the SJC said.

The self-employed contractor has also regularly shared

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List of botanical gardens and arboretums in Washington (state)

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 State of Washington
Olympia (capital)
  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Census-designated places
  • Federal lands
    • Indian reservations
  • History
  • Geography
  • Earthquakes
  • People
  • Music
  • Parks
  • Highways
  • Symbols
  • Tourist attractions
  • Cannabis
  • Culture
  • Crime
  • Demographics
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Politics
Politics Regions
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Vet List | House Rabbit Society

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This is a state-by-state list of veterinarians who practice veterinary medicine on rabbits. International veterinary listings are at the bottom.

Listings are links to local chapter vet recommendations or recommendations made by experienced rabbit rescuers or guardians.

House Rabbit Society makes NO CLAIMS regarding these veterinarians.

This veterinarian list is another way that House Rabbit Society advocates for the welfare of pet rabbits. Veterinary medical schools typically do not cover rabbits as a required species. Veterinarians interested in rabbit medicine must learn about rabbits elsewhere, such as by attending conferences and completing continuing education modules, and working with rabbit rescue groups. Our aim is to include veterinarians who have demonstrated competency with rabbit medicine and surgery, and who take the time to educate themselves.

If you do not see a veterinarian’s name on the list, or if a name has disappeared, there are a few reasons why this might be:

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List of episodes | House Wiki

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Season One
Season One, Episodes 1 – 22
Season Premiere November 16, 2004
Season Finale May 24, 2005
Viewers (in millions) 13.30
Season Guide
Season Two

The first season of House premiered on November 16, 2004 and ended on May 24, 2005.

The season followed Dr. House and his team as they solve a medical case each episode. The season’s sub-plot revolved around billionaire Edward Vogler making a $100 million donation to the hospital. Through this donation, Vogler became the new chairman of the board of PPTH, however, seeing House and his team as a waste of time and resources, he decreases their payment, eventually forcing House to fire one of his team members.

Chi McBride joined the cast as Vogler in five episodes of the show. His character was brought in after Universal Studios president Jeff Zucker threatened that the season would be cut short

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List: House impeachment managers announced for Trump Senate trial

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Rep. Adam Schiff

As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, has had a leading role in the House impeachment investigation into Donald Trump President and the Ukraine scandal. Schiff will serve as lead impeachment manager, Pelosi announced Wednesday.

At the outset of the inquiry, the House Intelligence Committee, along with the Foreign Affairs and Oversight committees, held a series of closed-door depositions of current and former administration officials.

Schiff later presided over public hearings in the Intel committee where he served as a key voice in the effort by House Democrats to outline the case against the President.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, a New York Democrat

Rep. Jerry Nadler

Rep. Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and a New York Democrat, has also been a central player in the House impeachment fight.

Nadler was at the helm of the Judiciary Committee as it oversaw the drafting of the two

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Interior List Pictures

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Interior ID: 136 Semi Trailer/Race Hauler.

Interior ID: 137 Staircase #1.

Interior ID: 138 Low Class House. 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Kitchen, Living Room.

Interior ID: 139 Large Garage. 2 Entrances.

Interior ID: 141 Bedroom.

Interior ID: 142 Low Class House. Living Room, Kitchen, Bed, Basement.

Interior ID: 143 Recording Studio.

Interior ID: 144 Mod Shop/Garage.

Interior ID: 145 Medium Sized Office Building. 3 Offices.

Interior ID: 146 Interior Dirt Track.

Interior ID: 147 Small Bar.

Interior ID: 148 Small Medium Class Home. Bed, Kitchen, & Living Room.

Interior ID: 149 Large Underground Garage #1.

Interior ID: 150 Café/Restaurant.

Interior ID: 151 Large Garage/Mod Shop. Pay ‘n Spray.

Interior ID: 152 Luxury Private Jet.

Interior ID: 153 Meeting Room/Office.

Interior ID: 154 Large Office.

Interior ID: 155 Staircase #2.

Interior ID: 156 Hallway.

Interior ID: 157 Massive Office.

Interior ID: 158 Huge Underground Garage #2.

Interior ID: 159

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