Back to Lotusland; entrance, jungle garden, cycads and lotus pond

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Yes, I am still working through my Lotusland posts from last April’s visit—we’re coming up on a year! I need to wrap things up, and who knew how much I need to be reminded of this adventure now? I hope you enjoy a little mindless plant porn…

Today we go back to the beginning. These fabulous grass trees (Xanthorrhoea sp.) were just off the parking lot. Gerhard and I both stopped to photograph them while a Lotusland staff person looked on and commented that nobody ever stops to appreciate them, they just walk on by…

This is the walk off the side of the gift-shop, the actual entrance into the garden.

Agave attenuata line the first section of the main drive.

And then you tuck off to the right and find yourself in the tropical/jungle garden. Epiphyllum hang from the trees.

And Monstera deliciosa climb skyward.

Just about the time

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