Top Five Functional Machine Improvements for Sustainable Packaging Operations

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Approximately 1 in 4 CPGs interviewed for a new report by PMMI Business Intelligence are making machine purchases or modifications specifically to address packaging sustainability goals. Solutions such as integrated monitoring and more flexible machinery can improve packaging operations with improvements to OEE or by offering less waste.

“Packaging sustainability: it’s just the right thing to do. Today, it’s top-of-mind,” said one Manager of Packaging R&D at a shelf stable products company.

Another VP of Technology and Environment advised, “There’s an overall industry initiative for many companies to be 100% recyclable in the years ahead, but more companies need to think about implementation strategies.”

Switching to Paper or Recycled Blister Packaging Without New Machines

According to the report, there are five functional machine improvements that would have the greatest impact on CPG operations for manufacturing a more sustainable package, and OEMs and suppliers must work closely with brand manufacturers to

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