Belle Center, OH – Belle Center, Ohio Map & Directions

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Belle Center is a village in Logan County, Ohio, United States. The population was 807 at the 2000 census. It is a Tree City USA, one of the smallest in the state.
Historically, the community’s name has also been spelled Belle Centre, Bellecenter, and even Bellecente. The Board on Geographic Names officially decided in favor of the current spelling in 1891.
Historically, some areas in what is now northern Richland Township were covered by swampland. During the 1840s, however, settlers moved in, and a town was platted around 1846, by which time a small town named Richland had become well established in the southern part of what is now Richland Township. In this year, the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad began to plan for a railroad line through the area. A competition developed between the two towns for the location of a water stop for the railroad (essentially requiring

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Valparaiso, IN – Valparaiso, Indiana Map & Directions

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Valparaiso ( /ˌvɑːlpəreɪzoʊ/ vahl-pə-ray-zoh) is a city in Porter County, Indiana, United States, and is the southeasternmost suburb of the Chicago metropolitan area. It is the county seat of Porter County. The population was 31,730 at the 2010 census, making it the 2nd largest city in Porter County.
The site of present day Valparaiso was included in the purchase of land from the Potawatomi Indians by the U.S. Government in October 1832. Chiqua’s town or Chipuaw was located a mile east of the current Courthouse along the Sauk Trail. Chiqua’s town existed from at or before 1830 until after 1832. The location is just north of the railroad crossing on State Route 2 and County Road 400 North.
Located on the ancient Indian trail from Rock Island to Detroit, the town had its first log cabin in 1834. Established in 1836 as Portersville, county seat of Porter County, it was

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Carthage, IL – Carthage, Illinois Map & Directions

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Carthage is a city in Hancock County, Illinois, United States. The population was 2,725 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Hancock County. Carthage is most famous for being the site of the murder of Joseph Smith in 1844.
Hancock County, and Carthage, saw its first settlers arrive sometime in the first few decades of the 19th century. By 1833, simple buildings had been erected in Carthage, and the town was platted in 1838. By this time Carthage had become the county seat of Hancock county.
The only person legally hanged in Hancock County, Efram Fraim, was defended in his trial by roaming country attorney Abraham Lincoln. Fraim was found guilty of murder. Lincoln filed an appeal with the judge in the trial, which was as far as appeals in those days mostly went. Because at the time Carthage had no jail, Fraim was kept at the

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White House, TN – White House, Tennessee Map & Directions

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White House is a city in Robertson and Sumner counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The population was 7,220 at the 2000 census. According to the city website a special census was conducted in 2008 that placed the city population at 9,891 residents, with 3,587 households within the city limits. White House is currently experiencing rapid growth in both population and community development. Consequently, it has one of the fastest prospering economies in Tennessee. The town’s current mayor is John Decker.
The area that is now White House was purchased around 1828 by Richard Stone Wilks, a settler from Virginia. A trail running from Kentucky to Nashville, originally created by buffalo and Native Americans, cut through the area. This trail was originally known as the Louisville & Nashville Turnpike during the mid-19th century. In 1928, the trail was renamed US Highway 31W.
In the mid-19th century, the Carter, Thomas,

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2020 House Election Interactive Map

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Filtered list below matches districts currently visible in map window. AK-AL Don Young 1973 24th 6.5% 15.2% AR-2 French Hill 2015 3rd 6.3% 10.7%

Joyce Elliott

French Hill*

AZ-1 Tom O’Halleran 2017 2nd 7.6% 1.1%

Tom O’Halleran*

Tiffany Shedd

AZ-6 David Schweikert 2011 5th 10.3% 10.0%

Hiral Tipirneni

David Schweikert*

CA-1 Doug LaMalfa 2013 4th 9.7% 19.7%

Audrey Denney

Doug LaMalfa*

CA-4 Tom McClintock 2009 6th 8.3% 14.7%

Brynne Kennedy

Tom McClintock*

CA-10 Josh Harder 2019 1st 4.4% 3.0% CA-21 TJ Cox 2019 1st 0.5% 15.5% CA-22 Devin Nunes 2003 9th 5.5% 9.5%

Phil Arballo

Devin Nunes*

CA-25 Mike Garcia 2020 1st 8.7% 6.7%

Christy Smith

Mike Garcia*

CA-39 Gil Cisneros 2019 1st 3.1% 8.6% CA-42 Ken Calvert 1993 14th 13.8% 12.0%

William O’Mara

Ken Calvert*

CA-45 Katie Porter 2019 1st 4.1% 5.4% CA-48 Harley Rouda 2019 1st 7.1% 1.7%

Harley Rouda*

Michelle Steel

CA-50 OPEN 3.5% 15.0%

Ammar Campa-Najjar

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