Say Om: Edition Brings Meditation into the Guestroom With Inscape

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INTERNATIONAL REPORT—Health and wellness offerings are surely becoming mainstay features in hotels, and while many guests will think of spas and fitness, Edition Hotels is shedding light on a lesser adopted form of wellness: meditation.

Edition has partnered with Inscape, a meditation app created by Intermix founder/former CEO Khajak Keledjian, that aims to remove any doubts or misconceptions about meditation.

“The biggest misconception about meditation is that people think they’re doing it wrong,” said Ben Pundole, VP of brand experience for Edition. “There is no wrong. It’s simply a time to sit and reflect, to be still and focus on breathing and being. It’s a daily reset, a way of allowing happiness in and melting the stress away.”

Edition hotels across the globe offer four unique, in-room and on-demand meditation experiences, each to suit different types of people and lifestyles.

“Uplifting to help you start the day to calming and

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