An Explosive Play on the Emerging Ghost Kitchen Megatrend

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Back in late 2008 — in the midst of the Great Financial Crisis — Travis Kalanick had a brilliant idea.


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Lower the cost of transportation, for everyone, by democratizing the taxi industry so that anyone with a car could provide a ride for anyone needing to go somewhere.

And so, the concept of ride-sharing was born.

Over the next decade, Kalanick’s company — Uber (NYSE:UBER) — went from idea to multi-billion-dollar disruptor of the transportation industry.

Today — amid another enormous financial crisis — Kalanick has, of course, come up with another brilliant idea.

Lower the cost of doing business, for all restaurant owners, by creating a new class of super-small, delivery-only restaurants that eliminate everything but the kitchen.

And so, the concept of ghost kitchens was born — a concept that has taken off amid the Covid-19 pandemic as more and more consumers

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