16 Photos Of Shaq’s New Million-Dollar Mansion

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Add Shaquille O’Neal to the list of sports stars who are moving real estate this summer. The former NBA legend has dropped more than $1.1 million on a property outside Atlanta, which makes for a convenient commute to his work at Turner, where he’s an NBA commentator for TNT.

O’Neal’s house does not disappoint: The property features two separate homes, along with a large backyard pool and a barn. Combine the two home and you’re looking at 7,400 feet of space — more than you and I might need, but just the right size for the Big Diesel.

Take a photo tour of Shaq’s new acquisition, which actually seems like a lot of house for that modest price. Let’s all move to Atlanta!

Curb Appeal

Front of House

The main house is a five-bedroom, six-bath monstrosity. One has to wonder how often that sixth bathroom will get used.

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