Commercial On-Site Re-upholstery and Fabric Supplier Charlotte NC

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Davidson House, Inc. specializes in services and products for the Healthcare market. Our Story begins in 1995 providing an on-site re-upholstery service to North Carolina Hospitals Systems from Charlotte to Wilmington, NC. In 2000, we incorporated and continued to expand our territory and our products and services.

Today, Davidson House is well received and actively doing business with 36 Hospital Systems in 14 States. Some of our Client relationships are 17 years old.

Davidson House’s Healthcare Clients in general have constant traffic, multiple facilities and a need for maintaining a good image.

The reasons our clients give us preferred vendor status is due to the consistent quality of every project we undertake for the hospital that includes:

  • On-Site Upholstery Service
  • Cubical Curtain Fabrication – Track Installation
  • Fabrics
  • Window Treatments
  • New Furniture

All delivered and installed with a commitment to our client’s satisfaction.

Davidson House is a team whose first priority

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