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When it was first suggested to me that I ought to join the Garden Media Guild, I was quite sure it was not for people like me. I love writing and I take what I do seriously, but I lacked confidence in believing that other people valued it as well. After several very supportive conversations I began to understand that it was for precisely this reason I should join the Guild. 

I became aware immediately of the amount of support and resources there are available to members. Suddenly I had a group of people to whom I could ask questions and I’d get a sensible and useful answer back. I have learned a huge amount and found that in return I can share my knowledge as well.

I love going on the Guild’s garden visits, where we get to see places I might not otherwise have travelled to. The visits are also important networking events where contacts are made and plans discussed. I went to my first visit quite cautiously not knowing how many people I might know there, but soon found that it is such a friendly group of people that even if I did not know someone I was soon in conversation and new friends were made.

Most importantly for me, though, is that I have had my ambitions widened. I now can see possibilities and opportunities where I could not have seen them before. I can happily recommend the Garden Media Guild as it is now an important part of my development as a writer.

Alison Levey, writer and blogger and winner of the 2019 GMG Award for Blogger of the Year

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