The Yuri Garden Anthology Event



  1. An RPG-style Princess x female Hero (No men can appear in this story at all) [Reserved by Vhail (SH) until 5th of May]
  2. Rivals from different companies in a love-hate relationship (This story must contain romantic fluff) [Reserved by compass96 until 4th of May]
  3. Women who flirt openly and without constraint throughout the story [Reserved by Titan0fPower until 3rd of May]
  4. An airheaded MC and a yandere heroine [Reserved by HamsterOverlord-sama until 3rd of May]
  5. Male to Female gender bend through reincarnation into a fantasy world [Reserved by Moonpearl until 4th of May]
  6. A physically strong and beautiful seme (top) sweeps an uke (bottom) off her feet [Reserved by AsianessPride until 3rd of May]
  7. An all-women polyamorous harem that’s filled with love and lust [Reserved by Bokuboy (SH) until 5th of May]
  8. Two adolescent girls questioning their sexuality end up falling in love together [Reserved by GDLiZy until 3rd of May]
  9. A little sister who’s spoiled by the big sister she idolises [Note: Due to SH Content Guidelines, this story cannot involve sex] [Reserved by Ninetailed_Furball until 8th of May]


The Yuri Garden is now holding its collaborative anthology event~! The anthology will be made up of 9 stories written for 9 prompts based on yuri scenarios that Gardeners said they’d like to see in the 2019 survey.

Anyone who wants to participate in the anthology is advised to choose a prompt to reserve first~!

Stories will be posted as a single chapter in the anthology over in the Yuri Garden’s SH account, TheYuriGardenAllotment:

The title of your story will be the chapter title. Your prompt and username will be included at the start of the chapter, along with any necessary content warnings (links to your profile(s) will be included so long as you send me which ones you want included). Author notes will be placed at the bottom unless you specifically request for them to be at the top.

This isn’t a competition, so you’re free to ask for as much help and feedback as you’d like.

Rules for the participation process:
1. Submit your story by sending me a Personal Message either on Novel Updates Forum or Scribble Hub. Include the prompt you’re writing for, your story title, your story, and any author notes that you’d like to be included.

2. You can reserve 1 prompt at a time by asking me for it. Prompt reservation is first come first served, and a prompt cannot be reserved by more than one person at a time.

3. Reservations will last for 4 weeks and then be removed to allow someone else to reserve it.

4. If you’re reaching your 4 weeks reservation limit but are simply in the editing stages of your work, you can send me the full story in its current state and let me know that you’re just editing the work. I will extend the reservation by 2 weeks. This must be done before your reservation expires.

5. You cannot submit a story for a prompt that is reserved by someone else. You can submit without reserving if the prompt is currently free, but I can’t recommend relying on this method.

6. Prompts will be removed once they’re fulfilled. Removed prompts cannot be reserved or have other stories submitted for them.

Content rules:
1. Your story must be original and not published elsewhere already. Your story cannot be fanfiction.

2. Your story must be yuri (focusing on the romantic and/or sexual relationship between two or more women). The yuri characters cannot have romantic or sexual relationships with men unless the relationship occurred in the past or ends in favour of a woman over the course of the story.

3. Your story must satisfy the prompt. If the prompt requests a princess, you cannot substitute a queen, and nor can you make the character a princess only in nickname. You have complete creative control over anything not specified in the prompt, however, so long as it adheres to the rules.

4. Unless specified by the prompt itself, your story cannot contain genderbender, futanari, or incest. Stories containing trans women without magical or unrealistic scientific transformation will not be counted as gender bender.

5. No sexual content with characters below the age of 18. This includes but is not limited to sex involving those characters, sexual contact involving those characters (e.g. hickeys, fondling/groping), and the sexualisation of those characters (e.g. using erotic description).

6. No relationships between characters who are over 18 and characters who are under 18.

7. You cannot outplay the age rules by simply not mentioning the character’s age. If your story hints towards the character being below the age of 18, they will be treated as being so. My judgement on whether your character appears to be the appropriate age is absolute. (Note: It’s almost impossible to do this unintentionally, and I won’t come down hard on anyone who manages to do this accidentally.)

8. No depictions of rape, bestiality, necrophilia, or other illegal sex acts. Mentions of them should also be kept to a minimum (none at all, if possible) and only in a negative light.

9. Your story cannot be purely smut (or “porn without plot”, as Scribble Hub’s Content Guidelines say).

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