This product makes growing indoor herb gardens easier than ever

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Grow plants year-round with this game-changing indoor garden. (Source: Amazon)

Not all of us were born with green thumbs. If the thought of growing your own herbs excites you, but you’re discouraged by the unfortunate demise of plants you’ve grown in the past, Amazon has got a great solution for you. The AeroGarden Bounty Basic is an all-in-one grow-it-yourself garden that doesn’t even require you to go outside. For a limited time, you can get it on sale and make all your gardening dreams come true.

Grow your dream garden

This high-tech indoor garden can grow plants 5x faster than your outdoor garden. (Source: Amazon)

This high-tech indoor garden can grow plants 5x faster than your outdoor garden. (Source: Amazon)

$275.95 $299.99 at Amazon

With the AeroGarden Bounty Basic, you can garden year-round and grow up to 9 herbs, veggies or flowers from the comfort of your home. No need to dirty your hands with soil as the AeroGarden grows plants naturally in water. You can also say goodbye to the stress of finding the right amount of sunlight for your garden because the AeroGarden is equipped with 30W LED lights that give the perfect amount of light needed for growth.

The AeroGarden features automatic lights and a handy digital screen that gives you important statistics on your plants and reminders of when to add food or water. With the AeroGarden you no longer have to ask friends to water your plants when you leave town because the vacation mode will keep your plants alive and healthy, even when you can’t.

The AeroGarden essentially takes care of all the things that make gardening a hard task for the majority of people, and you’ll be impressed with just how much you can grow. One verified purchaser admits that they’ve killed many plants in the past, but with the AeroGarden they can’t seem to stop them from growing,

“Here’s the thing: when it comes to plants I’m terrible. I have literally apologized to a plant I’m about to buy because I know it’s time on this earth is short. Now with the aero garden I CAN’T GET THESE THINGS TO STOP GROWING!!! It hasn’t even been a full 2 months and I’m running out of coworkers to give herbs to. I’m harvesting a couple times a week.”

Digging up your backyard and making a mess just to end up with disappointing dead plants is officially a thing of the past. With the AeroGarden, there’s no reason not to take the leap and have a plentiful garden you can be proud of. Get over to Amazon and order the AeroGarden Bounty Basic at this special price before it ‘grows’ away forever.

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