Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Referenced ‘Home Improvement’ on Season 7

It’s tool time on Last Man Standing!

Long before Tim Allen was Mike Baxter, he was Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on Home Improvement. The latter ran from 1991-1999, and followed Tim Taylor, a TV host raising three boys with his loving wife. Last Man Standing has a similar formula, except Tim’s Mike Baxter has three daughters with his wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis), and owns his own sporting goods store.

The current show, which returned for its seventh season on Fox this year, has packed in a few nods to the ’90s series in the past, including a guest appearance from Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who played Tim’s on-screen son in Home Improvement. Now, the series is sneaking in some references once again, and eagle-eyed fans cannot get enough of it.

After middle daughter Mandy (Molly McCook) announced that she wanted to forgo fashion after facing rejection, Mike tried to use a form of the “When God closes a door, he builds a window” metaphor to inspire her to keep trying.

“Dad, why is everything with you home improvement?” Mandy asked.

Later, when Mandy revealed she wanted to become a broker, she brought the comparison back. “Fashion is the door and real estate is the window!” she explained. Vanessa angrily turned to Mike and said, “You and your home improvement.”

Though many caught the subtle reference, the show’s official Twitter also posted a gif of the moment, with the caption, “The tool man lives on.” Viewers quickly responded writing they “loved it,” and called the remark “legendary.”

With such a positive response to the passing comment, we can only hope this means there are more Home Improvement easter eggs (and maybe more reunions?) to come!

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