Unique Kitchenware and Accessories | World Market

Cook smarter and faster! From unique cookware, affordable baking essentials and BBQ tools, coffee accessories, and storage, our kitchen finds get the job done in style.

Whether you love to spend all day in the kitchen or want to be in and out as quickly as possible, our collection of kitchen tools and supplies lets you do it all in style. First, load your kitchen pantry with the essentials and get it organized in time for the new school year with our stylish storage solutions. Shop for the necessary kitchen tools – from mixing bowls and cutlery sets to novelty ceramic measuring spoons. Put those measuring spoons to good use and bake with confidence and our baking pans, dishes, elegant racks and ramekins. Stock up on easy-to-make baking mixes, too, if making it from scratch isn’t in the cards.

Find even more inspiration in the kitchen with over hundreds of global foods and drinks for nightly trips around the world right in your own home. Show off your Dutch oven, skillets and copper pots and pans along with your culinary skills. Try the latest GreenPan nonstick cookware or take your cooking skills outside with our assortment of BBQ and grilling tools. Every kitchen needs proper coffee and tea accessories, and our coffee makers, teapots and kettles, coffee mugs and teacups will satisfy everyone. A well-stocked kitchen is a must for anyone who loves to cook or bake, and it’s easy to add what you need to your Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry too.

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