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It seems after thoroughly complaining about the garden last week it has now started to reap some rewards. Here are some noticeable improvements:

The first melon is developing. This is a Crenshaw Lilly F1.

The Numex Joe E Parker (Anaheim) have turned.   

This is the first time I have grown this particular   

Anaheim pepper, they seem smaller then usual.

The Dragon Tongue Beans are finally ready! I planted

them in late May….

The first Pumpkin, either a Flatso or Autumn Crown. 

I hope more set soon.

Here is the best improvment, the first tomato started

turning over the weekend and it was harvested today.

This is a Cherokee Purple.

Well I am at it, I’ll group this post in with Harvest Monday. The shots below are harvests from Mid July until today:

Double Yield & Slicing Cucumbers.
Double Yield Cucumbers and Sweet Cherry Peppers.

The Peppers are not very good!

Dragon Tongue Beans, My favorite!

Numex Joe E Parker Anaheim & Ancho Peppers.  

Both will be dried for later use.

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes.

Double Yeild & Slicing Cucumbers and the first

Bellstar Tomato. They look promising, short plants,

heavy fruit set and they are good for paste and fresh eating.

Developed in Ontario too!

Tiger’s Eye Beans. I harvested the first lot of them

last weekend. There is about the same amount still

on the plants now. They have done well this year.

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