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The easiest way to plan, grow and harvest your own food.

An online vegetable garden planner for anyone who wants homegrown, healthy and tasty food to be part of their lifestyle…while having a busy life.


Personalized Vegetable Garden Planner

There are a lot of variables that go into planning a garden. Smart Gardener does all the hard work for you. We collect, calculate and create a smart personal profile of your garden just for you.
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The Right Plants for You

We make it easy to find the right plants, so you can’t go wrong. With over 3000 organic, GMO
free, edible varieties to choose from (and buy from our partners), Smart Gardener offers you recommendations along
with super simple ways to find plants suited to your growing conditions.
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An Optimized Vegetable Garden Plan

Get your garden plan so you can get out in the garden. Smart Gardener combines your selected
plants, vegetable garden layout, and household size with complex planting variables, to help create a Smart Garden
Plan just for you.
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To Dos Just for Your Garden

We track all of your gardens’ tasks so you don’t have to. Our smart vegetable garden planner
schedules all your gardens’ “To Dos,” from prepping to picking. View To Dos at a glance and get weekly email
reminders when it’s time to get in your garden.
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A Garden Journal That Keeps Track of You

It’s a smart garden planner Journal that tracks, collects and shares. Our vegetable garden
planner keeps your Journal up to date, so you don’t have to. But go ahead, enter notes, and photos too. It’s also
finds and shares all other’s gardeners notes and photos about the same varieties you are growing.
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Ways to Welcome Spring in Uncertain Times

Usually, spring is a time of hope and renewal. But to be honest, it doesn’t feel very spring like right now. Of course,
in some parts of the country garden beds are still under a layer of snow. But even here in California where it has been unseasonably warm,
there’s a layer of stress over pretty much everything.
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Tips and Tricks for your Garden

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Seeds, plants and sustainable gardening products, all in one
Smart Gardener partners with the highest quality companies to bring you over 3000 organic, GMO free, heirloom and
exotic seeds and gardening products.
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