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Hello –
    I’ve been on hiatus from dolls for some time, focusing on my family and the rescue kennel I volunteer at (Northern Greyhound Adoptions here in VT). Am making time for dolls in my life again, so updates to this site shuld be happening quickly now – thank you all for your patience!
Thea/UrsaLunar, Nov. ’10

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Why “Kitchen Table Dolls” you ask?

    The kitchen table is where dolls touch base
when they come home to us. Even if we have a doll room they
stop at the kitchen table first. When the package arrives with
the new doll after being shipped we take it to the kitchen
table to open up for that first peek. When we come home from
shopping and have something for our dolls, it gets unloaded
and inspected on the kitchen table. When we are working on
cleaning up vintage dolls, restringing a BJD, or going back
and forth to the sink for hot water while restyling a doll’s
hair the kitchen table is where everything is spread out. And
when we have a couple of doll friends over to visit we have
our tea and snacks on the kitchen table while we “play dolls”

    So, c’mon and bring all your dolls to
the table – they’re all welcome! And am hoping this becomes a
favorite doll-search starting point for you!`

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    Updates for new links will be added on a
near-daily basis as they come in -

    Thank you kindly!

    – Thea/KTD Webmistress

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