Whether in a Garden or on a Windowsill, These High-Tech Gardening Accessories Will Help Your Plants Thrive

<br /> Whether in a Garden or on a Windowsill, These High-Tech Gardening Accessories Will Help Your Plants Thrive – Mansion Global<br />

They offer support and streamlining around watering and maintenance

“Covid Isolation Sows a Gardening Boom,” proclaimed The Wall Street Journal in January, declaring 2022 “the dawn of the Gardening Age.” With many of us stuck at home, the “pandemic garden” became a thing, whether our canvas was an expansive lawn or a teeny urban windowsill. 

Sales of seeds and plants keep skyrocketing as a result. But buying supplies is just the first step. Maintaining and growing a garden is an everyday commitment. When it comes to newbie gardeners, good intentions often get overpowered by busy schedules, barmy weather, or just bad luck.

Luckily, new crops of smart gardening accessories have been blooming, and they offer high-tech support around seemingly mundane tasks like watering and lawn maintenance. It turns out your plants have something to say, and some of these devices help you tune in.

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

If you’ve always dreamed of being a successful rainmaker, here’s your chance. Rachio’s Smart Sprinkler Controller delivers customized, targeted waterings to your yard based on specific needs—think plant type, soil type and sun exposure. A clean, simple app lets you build smart watering schedules; Rachio’s controller monitors moisture in your soil, skipping a session if it rains and your soil has enough moisture for its roots and plants. You can even create “zones” with different watering schedules. Bonus: Rachio users see up to 30%-50% savings on their monthly watering bills and have helped save more than 30 billion gallons of water, the company says.

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller is available for $199.

Worx Landroid M

Think of this one as a Roomba with teeth. Using any Bluetooth device, the Landroid app lets you control this ferocious little machine, whose high-efficiency brushless motor is 25% more powerful—and runs 50% longer—than robotic lawn mowers with brushed motors. The Landroid’s smart in more ways than one; its floating blade disc automatically lifts the blades to gain clearance and navigate uneven terrain without getting trapped or stuck. Landroid says the M model can cut medium-sized lawns up to 1/4 acre or 10,890 square feet   and the company prefers “autonomous lawn mower” to plain old “robot”.

Worx Landroid M is available for $1,099.

Sage & Sill Smart Plant Water Meter and Health Sensor

Is your plant blue, red, or pink? This smart sensor uses those color codes to alert you to conditions facing flora in and around your home. Blue on your device screen means “low moisture, replenish water” and green means your plant’s fed and happy. These well-designed sensors connect to the Flower Care app, which “speaks for plants” and delivers accurate readings on whether moisture, sunlight, fertilizer and temperature are suitable for them. The top of the device holds a thermometer, with a light sensor, nutrient sensor and soil-moisture sensors stacked beneath it.

Sage & Sill Smart Plant Water Meter and Health Sensor is available for $102.99.

AeroGarden Farm 24XL

Maybe you’re a bit of a butter fingers when it comes to outdoor gardening, or you live in an apartment with no outdoor space. Fret not. AeroGarden’s smart farm brings gardening indoors, with (nearly) foolproof guidance through your device or Alexa to sprout a veritable cornucopia in your living room. AeroGarden’s customizable grow-light systems grow up to 24 plants five times faster than soil, the company claims. The AeroGarden app offers easy, automatic water and plant food reminders. This 24XL comes with a “Salad Bar Farm Seed Pod Kit” that lets you grow lettuce, vegetables and herbs.

AeroGarden Farm 24XL is available for $1,049.95.

Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station

No more need for green thumbs; just check this smart garden app. Netatmo’s Personal Weather Station gives you access to accurate temperature, humidity and pollution measurements. Humidity and temperature are two gardening basics; the secret to growing healthy plants in all seasons is to monitor changes in the weather and protect the fruits of your labor. Risk of frost? Your Outdoor Station module will share real-time weather data from your garden. You may need to protect delicate pot plants by bringing them indoors.

Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station is available for $199.99.

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